Cultural Tours

Welcome to some of the fascinating areas in Tanzania , with its cultural art facts where you can experience real African life and enjoy the beautiful scenery of green mountains, wide plains and the dramatic Rift Valley.

Cultural Tourism refers to a form of tourism in which people travel to a country and undertake exploration to experience ,learn about and take part in the country and regions culture, customs, lifestyle, history, the local art, architecture, religion(s) and other facets of a people’s existence that shape a people’s way of life.

There are more than 120 tribes that still speak in their native language as well as the Kiswahili language. Experience firsthand the day to day life of various tribes around Tanzania. They design and organize the tours to show visitors aspects of their daily life and the area in which they live.

Depending on the village visited and the time you are there, there would be opportunities for bird watching, hikes on small hills or to waterfalls, coffee making, witnessing the colorful local market auctions, cooking and much more. For those villages with older cultural tourism programmes, visitors can see the positive outcome of new tourism revenue in the form of new classrooms, irrigation projects etc.

Many visitors choose to spend a day on a chosen cultural tourism programme either before or after their safari and or trek. However, for those wishing to spend more time overnight stays in tents or basic accommodation in the village, where possible, can also be arranged.

Cultural Tourism Program Sites include :

Babati and Hanang, Engaruka, Ilkiding’a, Gezaulole, Kisangara, Longido, Machame, Mamba and Marangu, Mbeya, Mkuru, Mto wa Mbu, Mulala, Ng’Iresi, Northern Pare Mts,. Pangani, Southern Pare Mts., Western Usambara .

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