Corporate Social Responsibility

Viber Tours & Safaris as a tour operator, our business is organizing tours to Africa, and we’re proud of what we do. For us, however, Africa epecially Tanzania is much more than simply a source of business. It is a part of the world that is important to us all; its people, culture.

Viber Tours & Safaris places a high value on listening to our communities and strive not just to establish thriving business and retail nodes, but to connect with the people and environment. We understand that our promise is our most vital product and through authentic relationships we aim to build up and improve the communities in the areas where we operate.

Doing Good For A Better Environment Tomorrow

Viber Tours & Safaris is family run business and believes we have a responsibility to improving lives by sustainable employment, contributing to the local economy and delivering returns for all stake holders.

Responsibility to Customer

We have created a loyal customer base by offering adventures to discerning clients without compromising on service and standard and the provision of a wide choice of products to fit all budgets. Viber Tours & Safaris has been defined by the personalized service we provide to our customers – nothing is too much to ask.

Responsibility to employees

We believe productive and satisfied workforce is essential in the provision of efficient service and complete customer satisfaction in turn creating a wealth of loyal customer base. We are committed to our employees and where possible offer training and remunerations to keep them engaged.

Responsibility to Stakeholders

We are committed to delivering high returns to the stakeholders without affecting our long term objection and meeting the highest ethical standards. Currently we have invested in a luxurious eco –lodge in the Masai Mara to Maximize stakeholders returns. Our mission statement sums - it -up “To establish Viber Tours & Safaris as the company of choice in East Africa by providing a highly personalized service to its clients to ensure that they enjoy a unique safari experience while observing the highest professional standards to the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Responsibility to Environment

We are dedicated to protecting the environment, culture heritage and encourage community development. We have put focus on sustainability in our daily operations of the business.

Our Business Principal and Practice
  • We are committed to sustainable tourism practices maximizing social, economic and cultural benefits
  • Work directly and closely with the local communities and ensures that we pay wages which are consumerable with the services provided.
  • We encourages guests where possible to plant indigenous trees and so far we have managed to facilitate the planting of 2000 trees.
  • Support community and conservation initiatives and all customers travelling with the company or staying at our luxurious eco-friendly lodge in the Masai Mara wishing to contribute or make donations are directed to the projects we currently support.